Understanding the Process of Tuckpointing  

Tuckpointing is the process of repairing the mortar of bricks and other masonry works. It’s the technique that brick repair experts have long mastered. It’s a process of filling the gaps between the brick and the mortar on walls and chimneys. The challenge is to coordinate the color of the new and existing mortar so that they match that of the brick. The idea is to create fine and seamless joints in the wall.  


Tuckpointing is mostly done due to aesthetic reasons. However, it also does a lot of other things, such as preventing moisture to seep in. Tuckpointing also prevents further damage to the bricks caused by the elements, such as dust and dirt. Needless to say, tuckpointing adds strength and quality to the bricks.  

How to Do Tuckpointing  

Tuckpointing became popular in the 1700s in England. The initial process is rather complicated and not quite for the same reason it is used today. Over time, the process of tuckpointing became simpler and it produces a more aesthetic look. This is the same process that’s used to this day.  

To do it, the very fine white mortar that’s composed of either putty or pipeclay. This will be placed into the open joints so as to make the brickwork look cleaner and streamlined. Tuckpointing used to be done using manual tools like trowels, wire brushes, and chisels. However, as time goes by, modern technologies became available and diamond blades replaced abrasive disks. The result is increased durability and better precision.  

Why Perform Tuckpointing? 

Tuckpointing is an ideal process done on brick structures, especially if the mortar starts to wear away. Tuckpointing is necessary on structures that are decades or even centuries old, more particularly historic brick buildings. Older structures are built with not the same precision and advanced materials that are available today. As such, they need brick repair the most.  

Expert brick repair contractors do tuckpointing in such a way they reinforce the less sturdy parts of the structure. They seal the area from possible exposure to the elements. The result is a stronger structure that also has a more attractive look.  

How to Hire Tuckpointing Experts  

If your brick home needs tuckpointing, then it’s time to consult with brick masonry professionals. They are the service providers who can do the job perfectly. Talk to them as soon as you can if you see damage on the brick wall to the extent that it seems like crumbling and all. Talk with qualified masonry experts in your area to get the project underway.  

However, hire brick masonry experts with care. Perform the same things that you usually do when hiring any other service providers, like plumbers or electricians. You have to check their background, know more about their skills, and of course, ask about their rates.  

Compare several bricks mason side by side. Talk to them personally and assess their skills and capacity for the work at hand. You surely want to hire the most reputable service provider in your area to be assured of the best possible results.